Madonna’s demands irritate Ellen Show crew

Madonna’s irritating entourage made ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ the atmosphere on quite awkward. Recently, the ‘Living For Love’ star came on the daytime talk show each day for a week and she made things quite tough for the production staffs on the program, thanks to her demands as well as large team of assistants.

A leading site was reported by an insider that everyone that works there is really glad that it’s finally over. It was very tough to deal with one full week with Madonna.

Madonna’s party that she took in along with her for her ‘Madonna Week’ was bigger than any entourage that has ever visited show before. They were very obnoxious and they made it very awkward on set.

The source added that because she was there for the whole week, she required her own set of trailers that had to be equipped with some types of health foods that were very expensive. In fact, she also asked that the studio pay or her personal makeup and hair styling because she would notapply those that are generally used on the show.

The fifty six year old singer even insisted of approving the program content across the week. The people on the show also had to change the script as per her liking and this was never allowed for anyone that comes on.

Her demands even irritated the show’s 57 year old presenter Ellen. But she asked her staff to go along with the guest star for the sake of the show.